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            带英文经典的伤感说说(60条)******1、小时候觉得好人有好报,长大了才知道好人被嘲笑。When I was a child, I thought good people had good rewards. When I grew up, I knew that good people were laughed at.2、我以为只要装做若无其事,就可以当什么也没有发生过。I thought that as long as I pretended that nothing had happened, nothing could have happened.3、最怕的就是我一直觉得很重要的人,而他最重要的人却不是我。The most frightening thing is that I always feel very important people, and his most important person is not me.4、对于某人、付出也是一种幸福。For someone, giving is also a kind of happiness.5、最深沉的爱莫过于分开以后,我将自己活成了你的样子。The deepest love is that after separation, I will live like you.6、不是你花心,是每个人都符合做你媳妇的条件。It's not your heart, it's everyone who is qualified to be your daughter-in-law.7、一时置气删了你,却未曾见你在加我。For a moment, I deleted you, but I never saw you adding me.8、女人不要记性太好,回忆越多幸福越少。Women should not remember too well. The more memories they have, the less happy they will be.9、爱情里有很多的不公平,有人选择逃避有人选择向前走。There are many injustices in love, some people choose to escape, others choose to move forward.10、亲爱的,你该庆幸俄长大了成熟了,不会跟以前一样任性了。Honey, you should be glad that Russia has grown up and matured, and will not be as capricious as before.11、睡前别忘了提醒自己,我们都被这个世界温柔地爱过。Don't forget to remind yourself before you go to bed that we have all been tenderly loved by the world.12、其实,不愿意对你们说:情人节快乐。Actually, I don't want to say to you: Happy Valentine9;s Day.13、这个夏天少了你的存在,我没有看见花开。I haven't seen flowers blossom without you this summer.14、所有过去的过去,只不过是过去。All the past is only the past.15、我只爱对你发脾气,因为我潜意识相信你不会离开我。I only like to be angry with you because I subconsciously believe you won9;t leave me.16、如果我变成回忆,祢是否将我忘记。If I become a memory, will you forget me?17、喜欢尼古丁的味道,是因为它有淡淡的忧愁。Like the taste of nicotine, because it has a light melancholy.18、看你离去的背影、唯我懂得血泪悄无声息的在滴。Look at the back of your departure, only I know that blood and tears are dripping silently.19、我知道从我们分手的那天起,你就再也不属于我了。I know from the day we broke up, you will no longer belong to me.20、孤独是一种态度,寂寞是一种想法寂寞是武器,有时候致命。Loneliness is an attitude, loneliness is an idea, loneliness is a weapon, sometimes fatal.21、分手以后,回来就是敷衍我嘛。After breaking up, come back to perfunctory me.22、若我们可以回头,大概我们的爱还可以一直一直。If we can go back, maybe our love can last forever.23、一次次坠入你的陷阱,我不知道如何逃脱。I have fallen into your trap time and again, and I don't know how to escape.24、我爱你爱得死心塌地,恨你恨得刻骨铭心。I love you with all my heart and hate you with all my heart.25、散场了我是哪个角色,说过了什么有没有人会记得。What role did I play? Did anyone remember what I said?26、我多害怕习惯了你的好、然后你就玩笑般的离开。How scared I am of getting used to your good, and then you leave jokingly.27、我就这么一颗心,你省着点玩,悠着点伤。I am such a heart, you save a little play, leisurely injury.28、我释怀不了的那些回忆,最终成为枷锁无法逃离。I can not let go of those memories, eventually become a shackle can not escape.29、笑看世间的沧桑,花开花落,无需挽留,只要心存一份感激!Laugh at the vicissitudes of life, flowers blossom and fall, no need to retain, as long as a grateful heart!30、如果我有一天消失了你会不会发了疯的找我。If I disappeared one day, would you be crazy to find me?31、我们总是在最不懂爱情的时候,遇到最美的爱情,然后错过。We always meet the most beautiful love when we don't know love best, and then miss it.32、有些事,错过了,就是一辈子;有些人,一转身,就成了永远。Some things, missed, is a lifetime; some people, once turned around, become forever.33、把心遗忘在那个与你并肩的雨天,伞下有你,有我。Forget your heart in that rainy day side by side with you, you and me under the umbrella.34、谁还在意我留下的泪,如果爱要让人憔悴。Who cares about the tears I leave, if love is to make people haggard.35、爱一个人,爱他不堪的过去,爱他混沌的现在,爱他不定的未来。Love a person, love his unbearable past, love his chaotic present, love his uncertain future.36、大提琴的声音一直在,我只是沉默不语。The sound of the cello is always there. I'm just silent.37、我知道你不是喜欢我,你只是喜欢我喜欢你。I know you don9;t like me, you just like me and you like me.38、不听声嘶力竭的情歌,因为没有哪首歌适合心情。Do not listen to hoarse love songs, because no song is suitable for the mood.39、生存不等于生活,我想有尊严的活着。To live is not to live. I want to live with dignity.40、我说不出来我为什么爱你,但我知道你是我不爱别人的理由。I can9;t tell why I love you, but I know you're the reason why I don't love others.41、你的人生不顺利,不是她的错,没有回头再看你,也不是她的错。It9;s not her fault that your life is not going well. It's not her fault that you didn't look back.42、什么都要查根问底却又受不了真相的刺激。这就是女人的通病。Everything needs to be thoroughly inquired about, but it can't stand the stimulation of the truth. This is a common disease of women.43、不吵不闹不炫耀,也不需要别人知道,安安静静做自己就好。No noise, no bragging, no need for others to know, just be yourself quietly.44、未来的每一步一脚印。和你相惜相爱相依为命。Every step in the future. And you cherish each other and love each other for life.45、只要我还活着,我就永远在你身边,即使你恨我恨之入骨。As long as I am alive, I will always be by your side, even if you hate me to the bone.46、我走在你喜欢的电影场景里,你却不在我想要的场景里。I walk in the scenes you like, but you are not in the scenes I want.47、你讨厌我又怎样,说的好像你喜欢我就能升华我的人生似的。What do you hate about me, as if you liked me and could sublimate my life?48、有些人,居然真的如此轻浮。Some people are so frivolous.49、我这个人好说话,但是请不要欺骗我的感情。I';m a good talker, but please don't deceive my feelings.50、世界是肮脏的,我们是决不能被淤泥污染的清莲。The world is dirty. We must never be clean lotus polluted by silt.51、给我一个狠点的招数,我会比作践自己还要他妈的作践你。Give me a hard trick. I'll fuck you more than I do myself.52、我们的小故事,就像树叶在阳光下的阴影,细碎而斑驳。Our stories are like the shadows of leaves in the sunshine, fragmented and mottled.53、解释的机会你不曾给过我、就把我否定。If you have not given me the opportunity to explain, you will deny me.54、多么希望在回眸那一瞬间,能看到你美丽的身影安慰孤独的心。How I wish I could see your beautiful figure and comfort my lonely heart in the moment I look back.55、幸福为什么对我就这么苛刻,几次从我身边走过。Why is happiness so harsh to me, several times passed by me.56、人生最糟糕的事,一个是饿肚子,一个是孤独。The worst thing in life is hunger and loneliness.57、挤不进的世界就别挤了,等不到的晚安就别等了。Don't squeeze in the world you can't squeeze in. Don't wait until good night.58、月盈则亏,水满则溢,完美状态也是可怕的。When the moon is full, the water is full, and the perfect state is terrible.59、时光竟如此迅疾,我们终无法抵住时光的磨砺。Time is so fast that we can';t stand the grinding of time.60、谁捧起花的脸庞,让岁月没得黯然神伤?Who holds up the face of flowers, so that the years have not been sad?

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